Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Passionate Call to Men and Women of our Great Race!

Men and Women of our Great Race,

Please send in your pledges for any of the following areas of need. It is our collective repsonsibility. Need some Practical ACTIONS Today!!! The month of October is gradually creeping away. Do something NOW!

1. Provision of Functional Libraries in our schools

2. Provision of School furniture

3. Provision of IT Training centers and computer units for our schools

4. Provision of sporting facilities

5. Provision of career guidance

6. Organise Teacher retraining programmes/refresher courses/workshops with resource persons/materials drawn from NTI in association with the state's UBE dept.

7. Advocacy and stakeholders engagements at the Local Govt and community levels

8. Fund raising using Videos, pictures and merchandising

9. Adoption of free and compulsory primary and post-primary eduaction in Igala land and by extention, in Kogi state as a whole.

10 Printing of ProjectIgala Exercise books for distribution to needy Igala children


All payments should be made into ProjectIgala Education Fund Account whose details are as follows:

Account name: Igala Advancement Foundation (ProjectIgala - Education scheme) Bank : MAINSTREET BANK, ANYIGBA BRANCH, ACCOUNT NUMBER : 2 2 5 6 7 4 5 4 7 9 5 1 2

If you prefer to be anonymous, then call up any of the educom members befor and/or send me/them a private mail to that effect.


David Abutu                                                            

Vera Otini  

Engr. Abdul Audu

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