Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Especially for the Igala Nation at this time

By Tony Agbali

These biblical texts---Isaiah 58, and 2 Chronicles 27 and 28 speaks so much to me today about the global situation; the situation in my adopted homeland, USA; aboriginal Nigeria, and my natal homeland of the Igala. I am, however, fixated with the Igala nation.

And being Lent, the meaning of these make sense even all the more. 

The lesson is eternal and lucid: You cannot pray and fast and expect results if your actions does not match what God's expects---compassion for others, sympathy and care for the weak and vulnerable. 

You cannot blatantly act arrogantly and poise insolently--especially against God and treat others shabbily, thinking your being is better than their being, and pride on contrasting persons based upon "them" and "us" and you expect to be honored. Those who act justly like King Jotham will be honored, those who act like the arrogant and odious King Ahaz will be dishonored. 

James Ocholi: Time For Righteous Anger!

By Phrank Shaibu

March 6th, 2016 was another  bad day in Nigeria for road users and its nation’s leadership. Indeed, If put in candid and fearless perspective, it will remain a vital remembrance day that Nigeria citizens ought use to ask its leadership to conscientiously examine its concern for their safety on the roads.  

The referenced day, best described as Black Sunday recorded the dreadful loss of Barrister James Ocholi, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, erstwhile Federal Minister of State for Labour along side his dear wife, Blessing and son on the Kaduna Abuja Highway. 

The late James Ocholi was a major player in the ruling APC party of Nigeria but he humbly exemplified the traits and values of a patriotic Nigerian by abandoning his personal political ambition of being a potential first citizen of his state and many lucrative commercial interests to honour the call to National duty as Minister. Perhaps, as a reciprocation of God’s blessings upon him, he dedicated his special passion and unique talents to serving his God and expressing generosity to many people.