Friday, August 7, 2015

Iyano crises: police high-handedness and the silence of Kogi State Government

Idris Wada, Kogi state Governor

By Inaju Inaju

The ear splintering silence of the Kogi State Government following the communal crisis at Iyano makes one feel as if Kogi state has no government or Ibaji people, or should I say Iyano people, at best do not count as citizens of Kogi state or at wortst, are second-class citizens in Kogi State. 
This line of thought is occasioned by the recent communal crisis in Iyano and the reaction of the government. 
Aluaja in Iyano, Ibaji LGA, was raised to the ground through arson and its inhabitants completely sacked from their habitat following a communal crisis that has been reported on this forum in the past. This mail is to inform all that since that unfortunate crime of arson at Iyano, the Kogi State government have neither said a word on the matter or visited the scene of disaster.
It is almost 2 months since that unfortunate and unprecedented communal disaster that made Aluaja people destitute and internally displaced. In the face of such an unprecedented arson the sitting government in Lokoja, despite repeated appeal, has treated the matter and the people with a laissez-fair approach. Not even a word of condolence from the government, not even an acknowledgement of the communal disaster talk-less of a visit from anyone in government with some authority.  The foregoing, by any standard, is unacceptable of a sitting democratic government all over the world, especially in an election year.