Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Igala Heroes deserve recorgnition and Honor

Igala kingdom is sogreat and Historic that there should be a standard for the selection of it's leadership. Leadership and legacy are natural partners in progress. We should not also forget that one can easilly be remembered by what he/she has done. If you show me your legacy, I will tell you how far you can lead. Ledership is about pashion and empaty.


How long can we continue to entrust leadership responsibilities of our dear land into the hans of strangers. You can't blame them if they don't perform because they don't know us and our feelings. The success of Barak Ubama at the American pols was predicated on his involvement in his community activities.


Let's have a line up of our Heroes and Honor them and when ever we nead a ruler we can always refer to this and make our judgements.


When I visited Nigeria last october, I met a manager of one of the big Banks who identified me as Igala, because of the "akpai" tatoos on my face. We got talking and the woman said to me, oga, what is going on in Igala land? I said what? she said in the recent recruitment conducted by her Bank,about 90% of those hired were Igala. It was gathered later that it was a combine effort of two top management of the Bank, one Executive Director and the other a top manager with the subsidiary of the bank. This is quite phenomenal.


We all must have heard of the same group of philantropists described above having a foundation from which they have positivelly impacted many people's life. For instance, we learnt that this foundation has financed GCE/ WAEC registrations of both GSS and GTC Dekina for some years. We also heard that the same foundation has financed a lot of pilgrims to hazz. These are the few that we can mention. This is worty of honor.


Another Hero worhty of recorgnition is a one time Governor of our lovelly state. He was remembered by his legacy when he was a commissioner in Benue state. He was able to connect the historic confluece city with the eastern gate way at otukpa Branch.

He is known as a fighter for his land, he stepped on so many toes to locate kogi state university in Igala land. He made the University to be of international standard. He was

outstanding in infranstructural development. This guy deserve honor.


This guy was top in Radio Nigeria, he was smart enough to locate radio Benue in ochaja during the creation of kogi state.He once ran for the governorship race in Kogi state. He should be recorgnised.


This guy retired a colonel in Nigerian army. He was the secretay to army recruitment. During his service, his door was opened to any igala youth that wanted to make a career in the Nigerian army. No one can number the people he helped into the army during his time.

This guy should be honored.


This guy planted Igala personalities in the key positions in his carbinet. This is also worthy of recorgnition, plus he is the incurnbent.


There could be others out there that we don't know, let's recommend them for recorgnition during the upcoming Italo. Let's have this list documented to enable us have standard for making our selection when it comes to a position that will represent Igala land for a state wide election. Who among the following personalities do you think meet the desciption above.


1.  Alh Isah Jibrin - Dekina

2. Alh Abubakar Rajab - Dekina

3. Gov.Abubakar Ibrahim (Prince) - Ofu

4. Isah Edimeh - Dekina

5. Col. Suleman Usman (Bbanawa) - Olamaboro

6. Gov. Idris Ibrahim.- Omala


Suggest the ones known to you with their legacies for onward recomendation to the Italo committee for recorgnition.

The time that a stranger may rule us has past, let us look for the best by setting a standard. Let us work togather towadrs restoring the glory of our dear Igala land.




Dan Emah

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